Corporate Membership

Quinnel caters for corporate clients and we can also help companies who really value their staff, with corporate memberships.

Good staff are hard to find and with Quinnel membership you can reward those workers who make a difference.  The membership can help them live a life of luxury and improve their work/life balance, which will also ultimately benefit the business after all a happy worker is a productive one.

  • We can tailor a service to your requirements whether the package is available to all staff or limited to those who earn it.
  • We can help with a whole range of services from arranging transport and booking tickets to a show or a table at a top restaurant or we can take things further and even organise a family celebration in the capital.

For those companies who regularly send employees to London, from abroad, membership can  ensure that they and the rest of their party (where applicable) are looked after like members of our own family.

No one likes landing in a city and being left to their own devices, especially if children are also part of the group.

Here at Quinnel we can make everything as easy as possible from booking a family friendly or stylish boutique hotel, where communication with those back at home is easy, to planning days out and transport around the city.

Our knowledge means that visitors, whether they’re here for business or pleasure can enjoy the “real” London, the city enjoyed by so many Londoners.

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