About Us

After years of travelling the world with business and being shown the real cities by colleagues and friends we wanted to give visitors to London the same personal experience. So Quinnel was born! We enjoyed Munich’s fine gardens, well hidden chic restaurants in Paris and excellent pizzerias off the beaten track in Milan, all of which we wouldn’t have found without the local knowledge.

In London there are plenty of excellent restaurants, superb hotels and trendy bars which regularly go unnoticed by visitors to the capital. Our aim is to get the message out there but only to the select few and help our members enjoy the ‘real’ city and the one that we all know and love here at Quinnel. Most of the places we know and love, from the boutique hotels and chic restaurants, have so far evaded the endless amounts of tour books, as the locals look to keep them a secret but we’re willing to share them with our trusted band of members.

From restaurants to hotels and attractions to luxury transport we‘re here to help and secure some excellent opportunities. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience the best the city has to offer but shhhhhh don’t tell everyone!